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A gracious,

¡ Cheers up !

¡ Cheers up !

An offering from the Island Gods

Basbas is a little slice of heaven that tastes like nothing you've ever had before.

She's light, bright, smooth and a little sweet (but not too sweet) with notes of citrus, sage, rosemary and anise. And don't get weird about the anise...even the most licorice-loathing among us admit they love how it shows up with nuanced perfection in the 'Bas.

She's got an elevating energy that's easy to love—delicious on her own or paired with other nature goodness. Now let's get those creative juices flowing...


How To Basbas

A before, during and after-dinner delight.

Five bright shot glasses filled with Basbas
Glass of Basbas on the rocksCocktail made with tonic, an orange peel and fresh herbs

Shoot it straight in all its glory.

Sip 2 oz over a chunky rock.

Mix it with tonic & an orange peel.

The Vibe

Sip it / shoot it

Basbas travels light.

-2-4 oz Basbas


Sip it. Shoot it. Pour over rocks.

Tip: Try a nice chunky rock that melts slowly or a whiskey stone. She opens up nicely in a snifter.

Golden Negroni

Orange you glad you went for this Spanish twist on an Italian classic?

-2 oz Basbas
-1/2 oz. Suze liqueur
-1 oz. dry vermouth
-Orange peel for garnish
-Pretty Ice


Combine in a mixing glass or shaker with ice. Stir until well-chilled. Strain into a glass over a large cube.

Tip: If you don't have an orange, use a lemon peel and forget about the orange joke.

Haute & Bassy

A Balearic twist on the Scottish remedy.

-2 oz Basbas
-4 oz unfiltered apple cider


Combine. Heat. Sip. Repeat.
Garnish with anise star and cinnamon stick.